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Video Resources for School & Community Outreach
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Underage Drinking Prevention Education Project

Video Resources for School & Community Outreach

The following video resources are recommended for high school students, students entering college, and parents and other adults in the community. These videos were selected after a review of hundreds of videos available through YouTube. We encourage you to review these videos to supplement your classroom alcohol education.

High School Students

  • Is It Worth It?
    This video presents facts about consequences of drinking and current statistics while featuring stories from high school students
  • Maine Say No to Alcohol Say Yes to Life
    This video highlights high school students talking about the positive actions they choose to pursue instead of choosing alcohol and giving up on their dreams. When they say no to alcohol, they say yes to a variety of positive skills and hobbies described in the video.
  • Answers for Young Students
    This video provides real answers for middle school students who have a misconception about alcohol in high school. High school respond with real facts and let middle school know it is not cool to drink.
  • Oregon Teens Not Drinking & Consequences
    This video highlights youth choosing not to drink alcohol and it encourages other students to stay alcohol free. The video shares accounts from current students and promotes better decision-making.
  • Louisiana PSA (Four minute mark)
    In this video, students talk about their life without drugs or alcohol and how it is beneficial to be chemfree.
  • TOP One Decision
    This impactful short film reenacts the terrible decision to drive after drinking. The film is real and raw. It shows the all-too-common consequence of killing an innocent person and spending the rest of your life in jail.
  • Stay Alive, Don't Drink and Drive
    This video is a short, one minute film about the consequences of drinking and driving.
  • Underage Drinking What a Waste
    This video features a roundtable discussion among youth about the consequences of underage alcohol use, a compliance check, and a message from teens to their peers on getting involved in prevention.
  • Safe & Sober: Alcohol's Effect on the Teenage Brain
    This is an animation of alcohol's effect on the brain.
  • Underage Drinking: Is it Worth It?
    In this video, students are asked: Is it worth it? Is it worth getting caught with a fake ID and risking a permanent police record? Is it worth riding in a car with a drunk driver? Is it worth risking your brain's health? Is it worth causing serious injury to someone else? Is it worth dying for?
  • Alcohol and Your Brain
    This Australian video shows a 3D representation on the effect alcohol has on your body and brain.

Students Entering College

  • Indiana Know Your Limits
    This video highlights college students talking about statistics around the drinking culture in college as well as the negative side effects of binge drinking; it also includes tips for campus health educators.
  • Did you know?
    This video presents college students who talk about the serious risks of drinking alcohol at a young age, including adults between the age of 18 and 21. The video offers concrete reasons to wait before drinking, including data about the growing brain and statistics about alcohol dependence.
  • Why Not?
    In this video, a grieving younger brother talks about the negative effects of substances and drinking underage as he recounts the day his older brother died of an alcohol overdose. In addition, other students talk about why they choose not to drink. Furthermore, the video urges merchants not to sell to minors and reminds parents never to host alcohol events for underage children.
  • Not a Minor Problem
    This video reiterates that drinking is illegal under age 21 and not just under age 18. It underlines that being an adult by law doesn't give you the right to drink.
  • Binge Drinking College Facts
    This video presents a news report with researched facts and statistics about binge drinking on campus and the terrible consequences on young lives.
  • General PSA
    This Public Service Announcement illustrates how terribly nights end when you binge drink and essentially asks: if you work so hard to look good before going out, then why trash and wreck yourself when drinking?
  • Truth about Binge Drinking
    This video presents the reality of binge drinking on campus and true stories of death and tragedy due to underage drinking and binge drinking in college.
  • Binge Drinking College
    This video presents facts about binge drinking and why it is a terrible decision. It also gives a demonstration of how much actually counts for legal limit.

Parents & Community Adults

  • Indiana Know Your Limits
    This video offers accounts from college students that open parents' eyes about the real dangers of drinking on campus
  • Talk It Up, Lock It Up
    This video explains that the #1 place where kids get alcohol is in the home. It encourages parents to lock up their alcohol and talk to their kids about not drinking underage.
  • Clear Expectations, Explanations from Teens
    This video shows teens explaining their reasons for not drinking, with the top reason being that they don't want to disappoint their parents. It encourages parents to talk to their kids about not drinking so that they know not to disappoint them. "No alcohol. No exceptions."
  •  D.C Parents Video
    This video highlights how parents and community members make all the difference in preventing underage drinking. It shares D.C. stories and underlines that consistency is the key to getting through to students and children.
  • How to Love Your Kids – Alabama
    This video alerts parents to the fact that the easiest place for children to get alcohol is at home. It encourages parents to treat alcohol like a weapon and to set a good example by watching the way they drink in front of their children. It also provides tips on how to talk to one's kids about not drinking.
  • Talk Often About Alcohol
    This video shows a child urging his parents to talk with him about not drinking and to talk early and often. has tips on how to talk to children about alcohol.
  • Be the Parent, Set Examples
    This video urges parents to set examples for their kids by paying close attention to how they themselves drink around their children because children are always watching closely.
  • Community Involvement, Teacher Awareness
    This video shows a community member and a student talking extensively about the concerns of underage drinking and how parents and communities can band together to prevent alcohol consumption for teens.
  • Michigan Do Your Part
    This video shares a true story from former students who gave alcohol to minors are who are in jail for contributing to killing three other people. They talk about the consequences of hosting underage drinkers and it hits home.
  • Did you know #2
    This video shares statistics about how adults contribute to underage drinking without knowing it. It encourages parents to pay attention to their children and guide them because they have high influence.
  • Know the Facts
    This video reiterates how parents' messages and intervention make a big difference in preventing underage drinking. It highlights different community members who present facts about underage drinking which parents may be unaware of or unwilling to admit.
  • High School and College
    This video shows real accounts and shares real stories of underage drinking and its negative consequences. It provides ways to get communities involved in the prevention effort.
  • Real Drug, Real Stories
    Outlines how communities can work together to make prevention work and to decrease underage drinking.
  • Community Engagement
    This video shares how communities in New York are working together to take action against underage drinking and shares best practices.
  • Missouri Awareness and Best Practices
    This video shares Missouri best practices and awareness efforts.
  • Prevention is a Collective Effort
    This video shares Mississippi best practices and how collective efforts work best.
  • Parents and Youth
    This video outlines how parents play a vital role in preventing underage drinking. It provides accounts and opinions from students as well as insight on what gets through to them from their parents.
  • Parent Responsibility
    This video shares information for parents, policy makers and students about protecting youth from the consequences of underage alcohol use and underlines the responsibility of parents to communicate with youth about the issue.
  • Positive Deviant Georgia
    Georgia shares their best practices and how communities can successfully implement prevention methods.
  • Successful Campaigns
    Florida discusses their successful campaign and encourages other communities to implement their best practices for increases in enforcement, compliance and parental awareness of alcohol use in teens.
  • Don't Be A Friend, Be A Parent
    This video shows the real effects of trying to be a friend to your children by allowing drinking in the home. It reiterates that children need protectors and role models, not friends as parents.
    Series of Three Videos: These videos feature children listing their parents' responsibilities and underlines how important it is for parents to protect children from underage drinking.)
  • "It Starts With You" PSA 1
  • "It Starts With You" PSA 2
  • "It Starts With You" PSA2 3
  • Your Child in AA
    This video shows the impact of underage drinking with a compelling plea from a young child in AA (fictional).
  • D.C. Youth Video
    This video shows how D.C is pairing students with advocates and finding solutions to the critical underage drinking problem.

In addition to the videos described above, the 10 YouTube videos and one YouTube channel listed below provide noteworthy demonstration of the consequences of impaired driving or underage alcohol use.

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