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2021 re-entry

●       Virtual Learning Resources

 ●       Fundraising Made Easy - Keep 60-65% of proceeds and we take care of ALL students/teacher incentives.

      ○      Do you desire a new piece of equipment for your program?

○      Have a great cause you'd love to support?

○      Want students to earn incentives?

○      Does your school want to raise money for a new program or opportunity?!

○      Here are some fundraising options to choose from. Pick the one that best 
        meets your school and program needs from our "Fundraising Menu" below. 
In an effort to be transparent, we will continually search for replicable and 
            reliable programs that keep YOU in mind first! 

2019-2020 Fundraising Menu


School %


How is the money collected?




Healthy Schools, Healthy VA VAHPERD


check from VAHPERD


Online only

Focus: Raising funds for your school and/or health and physical education program.

Target audience: ALL

Program length is 100% flexible to match any schools needs/timeframe.

The program includes access to an online donation application (Flip Cause) with 60% of proceeds raised going back to your program/school. School overhead of 1.9% transaction fee however donors have the ability to cover that during "checkout" process.

Student Incentives: Student receive sticker & wristband incentives as well as other items that will be shipped in bulk to the school. Current student incentives are focused towards K-5, however open to suggestions for students of all ages.

Teacher incentives:

Free VAHPERD membership if you raise $1,000

Free VAHPERD convention registration fee if you raise $5,000

Free VAHPERD convention hotel rooms if you raise $10,000

Sub pay to help you attend the convention if you raise $15,000

Raise funds to keep

Split/donate money with another organization

Raise/split funds for a cause.

Henry Castelvecchi


Phone Number: (804) 252-5468

Fill out form on website link provided.

YOGA POWER American Lung Association

7.50% in the form of Amazon gift card


Online only

Focus: lung health education, physical activity, and fundraising.

Target audience: K-12

Lesson plans designed as a 4 week initiative: 45 min-hour; general lung health, tobacco prevention, air quality, asthma education. Yoga cards: 35 poses to help teach poses. Implementation: ideally in October for National Lung health Month. Website & fundraising app to assist with money collection Incentives: Student receive wristband & keychain incentives as well as other items that will be shipped in bulk to the school. Support : will provide ALA staff to implement & conduct the program in schools.

Katrina Taylor

Division VP, Southeast

Phone: (903) 309-8354



50% of sales, Cash

$100 per school

At the school

Focus: To provide funds for the physical education program.

Target audience: K-5

School receives 250 pair of Y-ties or more, depending on what they ordered. Each pair cost $5, the school keeps half.

At the end of the program the school send remaining Y-Ties back if they have any, and they send a check to Y-Ties.

Eric Shapiro

Phone Number: (888) 969-8437

Fill out online form at website link provided.



50% in the form of Gopher gift card


Online only

Focus: Health. Moves. Minds. is a school-based program with both educational and fundraising components. It will focus on core areas related to health and wellness and will include new standards-based classroom and event resources for teachers.

Target audience: K-2 topic Kindness; grades 3-5 topic Mindfulness, grades 6-8 topic Empowerment. Educational Materials: toolbox with many resources for teachers, 3 educational kits, one per band including 4 full lessons, physical activity based activities k-2 & 3-5, assessment sheets, worksheet templates, skills mini-posters, other supplemental materials, accommodations & modifications, ideas for equitable groups.

**According to HPAI session, fundraiser launching next month**

Can keep all 50% of the monies raised or give a portion to a community or national non-profit.

Can spend the gift card on GOPHER products including equipment, MovingMinds, SPARK, Play with a Purpose and STEM materials.

Yasmeen Taji-Farouki

Email: ytaji-farouki@

       Health. Moves. Minds. - Keep 50% of proceeds!

●       Health Smart VA

       Online Physical Education Network 

       SHAPE America

       Virginia Department of Education Resources

       Health Education

       Drivers Education

○       Physical Education


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