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Choose Your Vibe - Arrive Alive! Ambassador Resources
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Choose Your Vibe - Arrive Alive!  Social Media Ambassador Resources

VAHPERD's Choose Your Vibe - Arrive Alive! campaign is a social media campaign to promote healthy, alcohol free lifestyles and the avoidance of consequences to health and wellness, academic and career achievement that results from engaging in illegal underage drinking and impaired driving.

This webpage provides resources and a timeline for ambassadors to reference throughout the campaign.

Campaign Social Media Profiles

Choose Your Vibe on Facebook

 Choose Your Vibe on Twitter

 Choose Your Vibe on Instagram

Campaign Background


  • We want to engage Virginia high school juniors, seniors, and college freshman in promoting and celebrating their alcohol-free lifestyles.
  • We want to promote non-drinking behavior and non-drinking drivers.
  • We want to change the misperception of alcohol use among students.
  • We want the decreasing trends in youth alcohol related fatalities to continue!


  • Social-media savvy students will be recruited as ambassadors to help broadcast @YourVibeVa posts, tweets, and YouTube videos about preventing underage drinking and impaired driving.
  • Ambassadors promote Thunderclaps, participate in Twitter chats, and post their own messages that support the campaign especially during spring break, prom, graduation, and beach week.

Ambassador Expectations & Responsibilities

Ambassadors are responsible for posting on one social media account, but all must have a Twitter account and participate in the campaign Thunderclaps and Twitter chats. Ambassadors must like/follow the platform that they are selected to represent Choose Your Vibe – Arrive Alive! on, but are encouraged to support the campaign follow/like all platforms they belong to.

Ambassador (High School Student Position)

Expectations & Responsibilities by Platform

Ambassador Leader (College Student Position)

 Expectations & Responsibilities by Platform


Campaign deadlines and event dates are outlined below. You can also add the dates to your Google calendar or iCal.

  • Session 1-3 Recruitment: November 20-December 20
    •  Applications Due December 20 
    •  Applicant Review and Approval: December 21-January 4
    •  Ambassador Notification: January 5
    •  Ambassador Confirmation Due: January 10
  •  Session 1: January 14 - March 10 – 8 weeks
    •  January 20 - Thunderclap message (campaign promotion)
    •  #FollowFriday Contests (January 5, 12, 19, and 26)
    •  March 10 -  Session 1 Ambassador & Ambassador Leader Documentation due to
    •  March 24 – Session 1 Checks
  • Session 2-3 Recruitment: February 7-28
    • Applications Due February 28
    • Applicant Review and Approval: March 1-3
    •  Ambassador Notification: March 4
    •  Ambassador Confirmation Due: March 7
  • Session 2: March 11- May 5 – 8 weeks
    •  March 15 - Twitter chat and Thunderclap message (spring break theme)
    •  April 19 - Twitter chat and Thunderclap message (prom theme)
    •  May 5 – Session 2 Ambassador & Ambassador Leader Documentation due to
    •  May 19 – Session 2 Checks
  • Session 3 Recruitment: April 4-25
    • Applications Due April 25
    • Applicant Review and Approval: April 25-29
    • Ambassador Notification: April 29
    • Ambassador Confirmation Due: April 2
  •  Session 3: May 6 – June 30 – 8 weeks
    •  May 17 - Twitter chat and Thunderclap message (graduation theme)
    •  June 14 -  Twitter chat and Thunderclap message (summer theme)
    •  June 30 - Session 3 Ambassador& Ambassador Leader Documentation due to
    •  July 14 – Session 3 Checks


Ambassador (High School Student Position) Resources

Ambassador Leader (College Student Position) Resources




#MyVibeVA #ArriveAlive Campaign Hashtags

#MyVibeVA #ArriveAlive hashtags should be added to ANY post that shows off your vibe – examples of how you are having fun and therefore staying safe on the road when you choose to be alcohol-free! So tag that post of your baseball game, road trip, coffee date, day at the river, workout, concert, go-kart race, study session, 5K race, movie night, game night, school event, night out, night in, college tour, etc. with #MyVibeVA #ArriveAlive to share your vibe! Read the Ambassador Toolkit for examples from the 2016-2017 campaign.


A Thunderclap allows a single message to be mass-shared simultaneously, amplifying its reach. Thunderclaps will be used to promote the campaign and monthly Twitter chats in January, March, April, May and June.

Twitter Chats

Twitter chats happen when a group of people all tweet about a particular topic using a specific hashtag.  Four #VibeVAChat Twitter chats will be held during the campaign. Questions will be available on this webpage for ambassadors to prepare before each #VibeVAChat

June 14 at 8 p.m. - Twitter chat (summer theme)

  • Q1: Welcome to tonight’s chat! Why did you get involved w/the #MyVibeVA #ArriveAlive campaign? #VibeVAChat
  • Q2: What is your favorite part about being a #MyVibeVA #ArriveAlive ambassador?  #VibeVAChat
  • Q3: Why do you choose to be alcohol-free? #VibeVAChat
  • Q4: Where are you looking forward to traveling to this summer? #VibeVAChat
  • Q5: How will you make sure that you #ArriveAlive at these destinations? #VibeVAChat
  • Q6: What would you say to friends who want drinking to be on the vacation itinerary? #VibeVAChat
  • Q7: With friends moving out of town at the end of summer, what are some ideas to get the everyone together for one last celebration? #VibeVAChat
  • Q8: What’s the harm in giving in and kicking back with a drink this summer? #VibeVAChat
  • Q9: How can we help our peers make smart choices this summer about drinking & driving impaired? #VibeVAChat
#VibeVAChat Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How do you participate in the Twitter Chat?
    Search Twitter for the chat hashtag #VibeVAChat at 8 p.m. on the scheduled date. Select the "Latest" tab at the top of the search. You will be able to see all messages posted with #VibeVAChat in real time. To see this in action, watch the Twitter Chat YouTube video (2 min).
  2. Who is asking the questions? 
    @YourVibeVA will post a few introductory messages and then three selected ambassadors will post questions to the group one at a time.
  3. How many questions do I have to answer? 
    Try to answer as many questions as you can. You can also like, retweet or reply to other ambassador's answers.
  4. Is there a limit to the number of answers? 
    Nope! How long will the chat last? The chat should last about an hour.
  5. Anything else I need to know? 
    Use #VibeVAChat in all your messages so that your tweets appear in the same feed.

Campaign Images

You have permission to use YourVibeVA images with your posts. These images are also available to download and use for your weekly posts.








Email with any questions, concerns or feedback.

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